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How do binary options operate?

It is easy to explain how binary options operate and even beginners quickly develop understanding of the process.

With a binary option the customer speculates on whether the rate of a determined underlying security rises or falls within the selected term of the option. Most brokers, who deal in binary options, offer four basic underlying instruments. These are shares, indices, foreign currencies and raw materials. If it is assumed, for example, that the gold price will rise in the next few days, the investor simply decides on a binary option with gold as the underlying security, for a term of, for example, one week. The speculatively regulated investor receives a gain, provided that the expected rate or price development has in fact occurred on the due date of the option.


Trading with binary options

Another name for binary options is digital options and in the meantime these represent a very popular version of conventional options. For about five years now speculatively regulated investors have had the possibility of speculating by way of binary options on the price and market trend for various types of underlying instruments.

The essential advantage, which binary options possess as compared to conventional options, is that trading is very simple and transparent. The customer does not need to become involved with what may be complicated key data or any fair value, as is always the case with conventional options.

What does "maximum return on investment" mean for brokers for binary options?

Brokers for binary options sometimes distribute fixed returns on investment and at other times a percentage-based floating return on investments. The latter is more usual. In this process the brokers adjust the promised returns to market development. As a rule the return on investment moves between 80% and 95% in classic digital options (call, put, range and pair options) and in high yields on touch options this may reach several hundred per cent (in extreme cases up to more than 1,000%). Statements on return on investment are given as fixed rate, "up to xy%" may be reached.

The broker shows the possible maximum or the currently possible return on investment immediately on the start of trading. The amount depends on various factors, namely

  • current volatility, high impacts on opportunities and risks,
  • the type of option,
  • the asset,
  • the term and also
  • the trader's funding account.

  • Moreover, with many traders the maximum return on investment may correlate to possible loss coverage.

    Best Choice: FiNMAX

    The broker FiNMAX has existed since 2005 - it belongs to the London-based Morris Processing Ltd. and is relatively well known among traders. Some of its typical offerings include quality trading conditions, a free demo account and the Trade Smarter trading platform with the Social Trading function. The parent company is monitored by Britian's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the broker also holds an additional licence from the FMRRC, the Financial Market Relations-Regulation Center). Its website also bears the official seals proving its Best of CFD Trusted-Broker and VeriSign Trusted status.


    The FiNMAX trading conditions

    The minimum down payment of 100 euros or dollars to open an account, the minimum amount that can be traded is just five euros. With the standard options the broker pays out up to 90% of the returns. The trading platform Trade Smarter is extremely clear and makes users' trading information easily understandable to other investors (Social Trading).

    Banking and service with FiNMAX

    Payments and payouts are possible via bank transfers, credit cards and eWallet payments and there are three account types (the Basic account starting from 100 euros, the Silver account from 1,000 euros and the Gold account for payments starting from 5,000 euros). There is also technical support available in Germany accessible via a hotline, email, live chat, contact form or Skype conversation and operatives speak excellent German. Free trading notifications are offered as part of the services.


    Basic data of broker

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    • Tradable Assets: 100+
    • min. deposit: $ 10
    • Profitability: 100%
    • min. order size: $ 1
    • Demo Trading Account: ✓
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